Lexacom 3.10 Manual

  • Third Party Transcription Services

Third Party Transcription Services



Lexacom 3 allows sites to send dictation to selected third-party transcription services from within Lexacom, either as a replacement or a supplement to having Lexacom Type users transcribe dictation. Lexacom 3 supports a range of third-party services for different requirements - see here for more information about the available third-party services.
Third-party services are activated through the Lexacom Cloud website and configured through Lexacom Admin. The ability to send or forward to third-party services may be given to particular Talk Users and/or Type users, or restricted to the Administrator only.
When dictation is sent to the third-party service, the dictation does not appear in any typing pool but will appear in the user's and Administrator tracking with the status Sent to Service. The audio file is securely transferred from the server to the third-party service for processing. When the dictation has been typed, the dictation is returned to the dictation's specified Return To service with the typed document attached, regardless of how .

Applying for Third-Party Services

Figure 1: Group Services
Once you submit your application, a representative from your chosen transcription service will contact you directly to arrange the terms and conditions of the service.
Once the terms and conditions of service have been agreed, the service representative will accept your application and you will see their service name displayed in the Installed Services section of your Group Services page.

Creating the Service Pool

Once you have successfully applied for your chosen transcription service, you will need to create the service pool to allow users to send items for transcription.
See here for instructions on creating pools within Lexacom Admin; the pool requires the following details:
Name - choose a name for the third-party service pool; it is advisable to use the name of the third-party service.
Type - select Third Party Service
Target - select the third-party service from the available services

Configuring Users to Send to the Pool

The third-party transcription service acts similarly to other internal typing pools within Lexacom.
The Administrator will always be able to forward dictations to the third-party service through the Tracking grid in Lexacom Admin.
Lexacom Talk Users
Talk users may be set to be able to send directly to the service, either as their default or an optional Send To service.
Additionally, the Return To service set on the dictation determines to where the typed dictation is returned; the document may be set to be returned to the author, or to a typing pool or individual Lexacom Type user.
Lexacom Type Users
Type users may be set to be able to forward from the active dictation to the third-party service.