Lexacom 3.12 Manual


Set Reporting Groups

Reporting groups are subject topics that are used by Lexacom Echo to improve the accuracy of the speech recognition. Lexacom Echo is more likely to correctly interpret a dictation using specialist language, such as medical or legal terms, where the correct reporting group has been assigned. Each user has a default reporting group and may have additional optional reporting groups assigned. Despite the shared terminology, reporting groups are unrelated to the reporting features in Lexacom used to audit dictations.
Set Reporting Groups

Click Reporting Groups

In the Services tab, click Reporting Groups; this button will only be active if the Talk User is already connected to a Lexacom Echo account.

Select the Default Group

2. Select the Default Group
In the drop-down menu, select the default reporting group for the user; this will be the default for new dictations.

Select optional Reporting Groups

3. Select optional Reporting Groups
Tick the checkboxes for any Reporting Groups that the user requires as additional options when creating dictation.

Click the Save button

4. Click the Save button
Click the Save button to save the changes.