Lexacom 3.12 Manual


Sending Dictation to Docmail

If Docmail integration is configured, Lexacom Type will ask if the typed document should be sent to Docmail.
Sending Dictation to Docmail

Click to Use Docmail

Click the Yes button to the message.

Click to send to Reference

2. Click to send to Reference
Click the Reference tab to send to the referenced patient, if using clinical system integration; the patient address will be retrieved from the clinical system

Tick to send to Reference

3. Tick to send to Reference
Tick the Send to Reference checkbox to send to the referenced patient

Click to send to Recipients

4. Click to send to Recipients
Alternatively to sending to the referenced patient, click the Recipients tab to display the list of possible recipients to which to send the dictation.
Select the recipient from the drop-down menu and click the Add button to add the recipient to the target recipients for the document.

Select Mailing Template

5. Select Mailing Template
Select the mailing template from the drop-down list of templates.

Click the Send button

6. Click the Send button
Click the Send button to send to Docmail.
If there is insufficient balance on the Docmail account to send the dictation, Lexacom will display a message advising this. The dictation will not be sent or dispatched but remain loaded; the dictation may be dispatched by clicking the No button to the 'Use Docmail?' message.