Lexacom 3.12 Manual


Register a Cloud Account

Registering a Lexacom Cloud account is required to use Lexacom Mobile and allows the user to access account-only services on the cloud website. See here for a complete description of the process of registering for Lexacom Mobile.
Register a Cloud Account

Click the Services tab

1. Click the Services tab
Click the Services tab.

Enter a Login Email Address

2. Enter a Login Email Address
Enter a Login Email Address for the user; this must be a valid and monitored email address as this account will be sent a confirmation email. This email cannot be already registered for a Lexacom Cloud account, including the site's Group Administrator account.

Enter a Password

3. Enter a Password
Enter a Password, conforming to the Lexacom Cloud password requirements.

Re-enter the Password

4. Re-enter the Password
Re-enter the password.

Click the Register button

5. Click the Register button
Click the Register button; this will create the Cloud account and send a confirmation email to the email address provided.

Click the Save button

6. Click the Save button
Click the Save button to save the changes.