Lexacom 3.12 Manual


Manage Users

The Manage Users window is used to allow users to integrate clinical systems with Lexacom. Each user may be assigned to any number of clinical systems. Assignment of clinical systems may also be done through the Users Editor when adding or editing a profile; the two processes have the same effect.
Manage Users

Select the Clinical System

1. Select the Clinical System
Select the clinical system.

Select the Type of User

2. Select the Type of User
Select the type of user - Talk Users or Type Users - by clicking the corresponding tab.

Tick or Untick the Enabled checkbox

3. Tick or Untick the Enabled checkbox
Tick the Enabled checkbox to enable the users to integrate with the selected clinical system; untick the Enabled checkbox to disable the users from integrating with the selected clinical system.
Alternatively, use the Add All or Clear All buttons to tick or untick all the checkboxes for the current list of users.

Save button

4. Save button
Click the Save button to save the changes.