Lexacom 3.12 Manual

  • Getting Started

Getting Started

Lexacom is an advanced, customisable digital dictation and workflow management solution. Lexacom may be configured to be used in a variety of environments and use a variety of different workflows. This electronic manual covers all functions of Lexacom in detail.
Lexacom is divided into three main aspects - Lexacom Talk, which is used to make dictation;  Lexacom Type, which is used to play and transcribe dictation; and Lexacom Admin, which is used to configure and administer the Lexacom system.
Additionally, this guide will explain how to setup and configure integrated third party applications and how Lexacom Mobile can be used to make dictation remotely through mobile devices.
There are a number of common elements to the aspects of Lexacom and the way that the program behaves. This section covers the basic operation of the common elements of Lexacom.