Lexacom 3.12 Manual


Echo User Permissions

Lexacom Echo User Permissions is used to grant access to Lexacom Echo in bulk. Using the Lexacom Echo User Permissions window will overwrite any existing speech recognition permissions that the selected users have. If a user is currently logged into Lexacom, they will see the updated access when they next log into Lexacom.
  Echo User Permissions

Select the type of recognition

1. Select the type of recognition
Select the type(s) of recognition to give to users:
Front-end - Direct voice-to-text recognition
Deferred - Dictation sent to server for conversion

Select the users

2. Select the users
Tick the checkbox for the users to which to apply these permissions.

Click the Apply button

3. Click the Apply button
Click the Apply button to apply the permissions to the selected users.