Lexacom 3.12 Manual



Lexacom Echo is Lexacom's integrated speech recognition service. Lexacom Echo allows both front-end recognition - direct voice-to-text in real-time - and deferred recognition - where the dictation is dictated and sent to the speech recognition service in place of sending to a user, pool, or third-party service.
Lexacom Echo requires that the site have an administrative Lexacom Echo account to register the site, created through Lexacom Admin; each Lexacom Talk user requiring use of Lexacom Echo will also need to register a Lexacom Echo account through Lexacom Talk - see here for instructions on the process for Lexacom Talk users.
Access to Lexacom Echo is set for each individual user, and may be set through the Users Editor or the Lexacom Echo User Permissions window. Users may have access to front-end recognition only, deferred recognition only, both front-end and deferred recognition, or no recognition.