Lexacom 3.12 Manual


Document Requires Review

If dictations are typed within Lexacom using the Microsoft Word integration, the dictation may be returned to allow the Talk user to review the typed dictation. The dictation may be returned by Lexacom Type users, or third-party transcription services or Lexacom Echo if these are used.
To view the dictation:
This will open the typed dictation for review. It is not possible to make amendments to the typed document directly in this view.
To approve, reject or dispatch the dictation:
The dictation audio will be reloaded into Lexacom Talk and the typed dictation may be amended as necessary. If using Lexacom Echo to convert speech-to-text, information about amendments to the document are compiled to improve accuracy for future conversions.
The Review Actions window will appear, showing the actions that may be performed against this dictation.
Figure 1: Review Actions Window
To Approve the typed dictation as complete and return to the transcriber:
To Reject the typed dictation as unfinished and return to the transcriber for amendment:
To Approve the typed dictation and mark the dictation as complete without returning to the transcriber:
In 3.12 and above the ability for Talk users to Dispatch dictations will be disabled by default. This feature may be enabled in System Customisation.
To return the dictation to the Review grid to work on another:
If using Lexacom Echo to convert speech-to-text, the Reject button is not available as sending the same dictation to the Lexacom Echo service will result in the same transcription. Amendments must be made to the typed dictation, which will improve the accuracy of future conversions.