Lexacom 3.12 Manual


Docman Settings

Lexacom supports integration with Docman, allowing users to attach files from Docman to Lexacom dictations, and file documents on Dispatching a dictation. Lexacom must use the Clinical System Integration feature to integrate with Docman. Lexacom may use the Document Editor feature with Docman, filing the document created within Lexacom.
Docman Settings

Tick the Enable Docman Integration checkbox

1. Tick the Enable Docman Integration checkbox
Tick the Enable Docman Integration checkbox to enable the integration

Enter the Site Code

2. Enter the Site Code
Enter the Docman Practice Code in the Site Code box.
To find the Docman Practice Code, open Docman and go to Settings > Administer System > Site + Eng > Site Details

Tick to Use NHS Number

3. Tick to Use NHS Number
Tick the Use NHS Number as Patient ID checkbox if you wish to file documents to Docman using the NHS number; if unchecked, dictations will be filed using the patient's clinical system ID

Enter Filing Settings

4. Enter Filing Settings
Enter the top-level Docman folder in the Folder Name field - this is case sensitive
Enter the section under which the document will be filed in the Filing Section field - in most cases this will be Patients

Click Save & Close

5. Click Save & Close
Click the Save & Close button to save the changes