Lexacom 3.12 Manual

  • Docmail Integration

Docmail Integration

Lexacom integrates with Docmail, allowing dictations to be sent directly for printing and posting through Lexacom at the point of dispatching the dictation.

Register and Connect a Docmail Account

A Docmail account is required to send documents to the service for printing and posting; the account details for this must be connected to Lexacom to allow documents created in the software to be sent directly to Docmail. Docmail accounts may be registered through Lexacom Admin for convenience. Most Docmail accounts operate on a pay-as-you-go billing model and must be credited with funds prior to use.

Create Templates

Documents sent to Docmail require a template to instruct Docmail how to print the dictation - including single or double-sided printing, colour preferences, delivery type and envelope preferences. Serveral templates may be created for different purposes, if required.

Set Public Recipients

When sending to Docmail, one or more public recipients are required within Lexacom as potential recipients for the dictation. Other recipients or the referenced patient may be selected when dispatching the dictation to Docmail. If using Clinical System Integration, the document may be set to the referenced patient instead.

Create Documents in Lexacom

Sending documents to Docmail through Lexacom requires that the typed document be created in Lexacom either by having Microsoft Word (or RTF editor) open for the secretaries typing the dictation, or by having the dictation sent to a speech recognition or third-party transcription service.

Sending to Docmail

Once Docmail integration is configured, users will be asked if they wish to send the attached document to Docmail when Dispatching a dictation. They will then be able to choose the preferred recipient and template for printing.