Lexacom 3.12 Manual


Docmail Configuration

The Docmail Configuration window is used to configure Docmail integration, including creating templates for the Docmail settings, used when sending dictation.
Docmail Configuration

Tick the Use Docmail checkbox

1. Tick the Use Docmail checkbox
Tick the Use Docmail checkbox to enable the Docmail integration.

Click the New Template button

2. Click the New Template button
Click the New Template button to create a new Docmail Template. At least one template is required to be able to send dictations to Docmail.

Set Template Settings

3. Set Template Settings
Click to select the new Template and set the dictation settings:
If ticked, the template is Active and may be selected when sending dictation to Docmail for printing.
Template Name
The Name for the template, to identify it to users.
Address Font
The font (and size) used for the address on the envelope (fonts used in the letter itself will be as in the document provided).
Min. Envelope Size
Minimum Size of the Envelope used for the letter.
Delivery Type
The type of delivery used to send the dictation - either Standard or First Class post.
If ticked, the letter will be printed in black-and-white.
If ticked, the letter will be printed double-sided if required.
If ticked, the dispatch date on the dictation will be ignored and the letter will be sent as soon as possible.
Days Until Dispatch
If set to a number greater than zero, this will be number of days that the dispatch of the letter will be delayed from the standard dispatch date.
e.g. if this value is set to 3, a dictation due for dispatch on 2015-10-03 will be dispatched on 2015-10-06.

Click the Save button

4. Click the Save button
Click the Save button to save the changes.