Lexacom 3.12 Manual


Docmail Account

The Docmail Account window allows the Administrator to link their Docmail account to Lexacom; this will allow users to dispatch the dictation typed within Lexacom to Docmail.
Docmail Account

Sign up for Docmail

1. Sign up for Docmail
If not already a Docmail customer, click the Sign up for Docmail button to sign up for a Docmail account. A Docmail username and password are required to proceed with setting up the Docmail integration.
  • Complete the form including all required fields
  • Click the Sign Up button to create the account
Docmail accounts created in this way will have their payment method set to Top Up as default

Enter the Username

2. Enter the Username
Enter the Docmail Account username in the Username field.

Enter the Password

3. Enter the Password
Enter the Docmail Account password in the Password field.

Click the Sign In button

4. Click the Sign In button
Click the Sign In button to sign in.

Select Payment Method

If Docmail is paid for with a top-up balance, click Yes. If Docmail is paid for by an alternative means, click No.