Lexacom 3.12 Manual


Disable Talk User Dispatch

When dictations are returned to Lexacom Talk users they are presented with a number of actions that they can perform to the dictation, such as Approving it for completion by a Type user, or Rejecting the dictation as unfinished. If this option is enabled the Talk user will be prevented from marking the dictation as Dispatched (completed), leaving them only the ability to Approve or Reject such dictations, which will return them to a Lexacom Type user. This option is ticked by default in Lexacom 3.12 and above.
Disable Talk User Dispatch

Click the Other Settings tab

1. Click the Other Settings tab
Click the Other Settings tab.

Tick the checkbox

2. Tick the checkbox
Tick the Dispatch Button Disables on Talk Review Toolbar checkbox to disable Lexacom Talk users from dispatching dictations that have been returned to them.

Click the Save button

3. Click the Save button
Click the Save button to save the changes.