Lexacom 3.12 Manual


Creating Pools

Each Type user may be a member of typing pools - groups of users that the Lexacom Talk users can send dictation to, in place of sending dictation to individual users. Additionally, third-party transcription services and speech recognition services are created as a special type of pool.
Creating Pools

Click the Pools Tab

1. Click the Pools Tab
The Pools tab is used to create and configure pools.

Click the New button

2. Click the New button
Click the New button to create a new pool.
In the Pool Editor window, give the pool its settings:
Name - the name for the pool, to differentiate it from other pools. If configuring a third-party transcription service or speech recognition service would be advisable to use the service's name here.
Type - the type of pool - either:
  • Pools, for standard typing pools (groups of Type users)
  • Speech Recognition Service, for speech-to-text services
  • Third Party Service, for Lexacom Scribe / other third party services
Target - the type of service, for Speech Recognition Services or Lexacom Scribe / other third party services.
Standard typing pools may have Type users assigned to them; see here for information on adding users to pools.