Lexacom 3.12 Manual


Clinical System

The Clinical System window is used to set the central Lexacom settings to enable Clinical System Integration for medical sites. Clinical System integration allows Lexacom Talk Users to import in the patient details from the clinical system, and Lexacom Type Users to automatically switch to the corresponding patient when loading a dictation that has had the patient details so imported, and file the typed document into the patient records if using Lexacom to type the dictation (these features are not available with EMIS LV or PCS).
Lexacom supports integration with multiple clinical systems; each user may be assigned to integrate with any combination of the clinical systems in use with Lexacom.
For most clinical systems there are additional steps to enable clinical system integration that must be performed within the clinical system itself, either on a global, user or PC level. If these steps are not performed the clinical system integration will not work.