Lexacom 3.12 Manual


About Button

The About window gives important information about the Lexacom application including the full version number and links to contact the Lexacom Support Team. The About window also includes a button to view the log files, which may be requested by the Support Team to diagnose problems if any are encountered.
About Button

Version Number

1. Version Number
This will display the full Lexacom version number including the Build Number (the last two sets of digits). See here for the current latest version number.

Update Code

2. Update Code
This displays the site's Update Code. Whilst most sites will be in a group that will update to the latest release, certain legacy implementations and features require particular earlier updates; additionally, some sites have requested that updates be deployed in a different way to the automatic update process.

Support Links

3. Support Links
These provide links to important support information including information about the latest update, Lexacom Cloud and the licence agreement.

View Logs button

4. View Logs button
Clicking the View Logs button will display the Lexacom log files that track actions made by and within Lexacom; the Lexacom Support Team may request the log files to assist investigation if Lexacom is encountering a problem.