Lexacom 3.10 Manual

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Lexacom 3.10 Manual


Welcome to Lexacom Manual

Welcome to the Lexacom Manual. This manual covers the use of all functions of Lexacom 3 in each of the three aspects of the software (Lexacom Talk, Type and Admin), and client reinstallation. The manual also includes instructions on configuring additional Lexacom services such as Lexacom Mobile and Lexacom Echo, and configuration of integration with third-party systems (transcription services, clinical systems and document printing services).

Earlier Versions

This manual details the functions of Lexacom 3.10, which includes a number of changes to user interfaces and introduces a number of features such as Lexacom Echo that were not present in earlier updates of Lexacom 3. Please see here for instructions on checking the version number through the About window; if your site is not currently running Lexacom 3.10 please contact the Lexacom Support team to discuss updating.

Using this Manual

This manual may be navigated in a number of ways: